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RGenre: Action, Crime, Drama
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211 (2018).Petugas Mike Chandler dan seorang penumpang sipil muda menemukan diri mereka tidak siap dan kehabisan senjata ketika nasib menempatkan mereka tepat di garis bidikan bank berani yang sedang dilakukan oleh tim tak kenal takut yang terdiri dari orang-orang yang sangat terlatih dan bersenjata berat.


Officer Mike Chandler and a young civilian passenger find themselves unprepared and outgunned when fate puts them squarely in-the-crosshairs of a daring bank heist that is being carried out by a fearless team of highly trained and heavily armed men.

United States of America

In Chesterford, Kenny Ralston, a quiet high school student, has an altercation with bullies.

Agent Rossi challenges a gun store manager for information on the mercenaries and receives a warehouse address.

The school vice-principal tells Shawnee Ralston, her son Kenny must go on a police ride-along or face expulsion.

Patrolman Mike Chandler has lost his wife of thirty years to cancer. His difficulty in expressing his emotions has strained his relationship with his daughter Lisa. Mike’s patrol partner and son-in-law, Steve, reveals that Lisa is pregnant.

At the bank, an armoured cash transport delivers over $1.3million. Tre, Rob and Luke finalise their heist plan, while Hyde plants a cell phone IED in a restaurant.

Mike and Steve arrive at work. Kenny signs forms regarding the ride-along. Responding to a call from headquarters. Steve and Mike draw their weapons on a suspect and Kenny records it using his smartphone.

The crew storm the bank and threaten everyone. Near the bank, Steve goes for coffee while Mike and Kenny discuss the school altercation. Gaining insight, Mike changes his mind regarding Kenny, admitting he would have acted similarly. On Steve’s return, Mike indicates a black Escalade parked in the red zone outside the bank. They cross a parking lot to investigate further and inside the bank, Tre orders Hyde to ‘make the call’. The IED destroys the restaurant.

Police headquarters alerts all patrols to the explosion. Mike chooses to remain because of Kenny and the less dangerous ‘parking violation’. Hyde becomes agitated.

The other patrols converge on the restaurant and news reaches the hospital where Shawnee prepares to receive multiple casualties. Hearing the news, Rossi diverts to Chesterford. First responders arrive and SWAT Captain Horst issues orders.

Hyde opens fire on the cruiser. As Mike takes evasive action, Steve alerts headquarters they are taking fire. Some officers leave the restaurant area to provide backup to Mike and Steve. Mike crashes the cruiser and gets out, returning fire. Initially trapped, Steve manages to free himself and then Kenny. Kenny grabs his phone as he exits the cruiser and Mike eventually kills Hyde. Realising Steve is seriously injured, Mike fabricates a tourniquet. Rossi arrives at the restaurant area and Hyde is identified.

The back-up team attempt to evacuate Steve and Mike retrieves a first aid kit. Inside the bank, Luke uses a 50-cal rifle to shoot Mike but misses. Two other officers are killed.

Lisa learns of the restaurant explosion and gets Steve’s voicemail. Steve gets Kenny to record a farewell message on his phone.

The back-up team reach their colleagues. Moving Steve, they become separated from Kenny who hides in a parked Blazer. His phone dead, Kenny looks for another battery and hacks a charger.

An EMT assesses Steve, Hanson returns with a seriously wounded Jacobs and Mike notices Kenny is missing. Starting a search with Hanson, Mike receives a call from Lisa and prepares her for bad news. Lisa arrives at the ER and questions the now barely-conscious Jacobs who says Mike is still on scene looking for the ‘ride-along kid’. Shawnee, in earshot of Jacobs, reacts just as Kenny telephones to let her know he is safe, for now.

Rossi arrives in the command post to witness Mike shouting that his dead son has ‘a child on the way’. Horst finalises the breach. Mike and Hanson head for the parking lot to locate and rescue Kenny. SWAT advances. Tre orders the hostages out. Now safe, a hostage reveals something in her pocket. Horst, identifying another IED, dies selflessly protecting the hostages.

SWAT begin their breach but are repelled. Rob exits first, firing to cover his escape but gets killed. Luke is killed at the bank door. Tre approaches Mike firing wildly. Hanson is killed. Mike is wounded and as Tre raises his weapon to kill Mike, Kenny uses Hanson’s side arm to shoot Tre. Rossi appears and shoots Tre.

As Mike and Kenny sit in an ambulance, Shawnee arrives and hugs her son. Lisa arrives and embraces her father.

One year later, Mike arrives home after a run. He is greeted with shouts of Happy Birthday. Among his well-wishers are Jacobs, Steve, and Mike’s granddaughter. Stepping towards his visitors, Mike asks Kenny to ‘take some new pics’.

Tagline: Your life can change in an instant.
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