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Lords of Chaos (2019)

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Lords of Chaos (2019).In the 1980s, a young guitarist called Euronymous forms a black metal band called Mayhem, the first of the genre in their country of Norway, with Necrobutcher, Manheim and Maniac on bass, drums and vocals. Maniac and Manheim leave and are soon replaced by new drummer Hellhammer and a new vocalist from Sweden called Dead, who exhibits self-destructive behavior, which he portrays during their live shows by cutting himself and bleeding on the audience, and throwing pig heads at the “posers”. At a show filmed by their friend Metalion, the band meets a fan named Varg Vikernes, whom Euronymous initially looks down on.

While home alone, Dead uses his personal knife to cut his arms and throat, and then uses Euronymous’ shotgun to shoot himself in the forehead, leaving behind a suicide note. Euronymous returns home and finds the body but instead of calling the police, he takes photos of the body and moves the knife and shotgun around. After Dead’s body is taken away, Euronymous collects skull pieces to make necklaces; this disgusts Necrobutcher, prompting him to leave the band.

Soon after, Euronymous opens a record shop called Helvete (“Hell”), which becomes a social hub for black-metallers like Varg of Burzum, Fenriz of Darkthrone, Faust of Emperor, and Metalion. They become known as the “Black Circle”. After being mocked by an ego-driven Euronymous, Varg uses his anti-Christian beliefs as motivation to burn down a local church. When approached by Varg concerning his status as the leader of the Black Circle, Euronymous burns down a church with Faust and Varg accompanying.

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