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The Competition (2018) BluRay

( High Quality )


Seorang wanita hanya berkencan dengan pria selama 6 bulan, beberapa pria dibujuk untuk mencoba dan merayunya. Dia jatuh cinta padanya kemudian, untuk tertawa, mereka menghancurkan banyak hubungan teman-temannya.

Ini pada dasarnya adalah twist pada Never Been Kissed – yang saya oke dengan – tetapi kurang di sebagian besar wilayah.

Prospeknya sangat lemah di sini. Saya suka Thora Birch tapi dia benar-benar buruk di sini. Dia tidak punya cukup kehangatan untuk melakukan ini – Chris Klien memberikan pertunjukan kayu paling banyak yang pernah saya lihat sejak Phantom Menace.

Moral dari alurnya agak terpelintir, Sulit untuk merasa baik untuk karakter ketika semuanya datang ke kepala.

Bland, tanpa emosi tanpa pzazz!


A woman only dates men for 6 months, some guy is persuaded to try and seduce her. He falls for her then, for a laugh, they wreck loads of his friends relationships.

This is basically a twist on Never Been Kissed – which I am ok with – but it lacks in most areas.

The leads are especially weak here. I like Thora Birch but she is really badly cast here. She hasn’t got enough warmth to carry this off – Chris Klien gives the most wooden performance I have seen since Phantom Menace.

The morals of the plot are a bit twisted, It is hard to feel good for the characters when it all comes to a head.

Bland, unemotional with no pzazz!

Summary: Lauren (Thora Birch), famously known as the “Pig Slayer” by her numerous fans, is a scientist turned blogger with a strict policy in regards to men. According to her infidelity formula, boyfriends are likely to cheat after six months of dating. When her sister Gena catches wind that she’s writing a book on her theory, she plots to have her longtime friend Calvin (Chris Klein) be the man to convince Lauren to have faith in relationships and shut down her blog for good.



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The Competition (2018) BluRay

Genre: 2018, Amerika, Comedy, GENRE, NEGARA, Romance, TAHUN

Release: 24 maret 2018


Cast: Subtitle :Indonesia, English Quality :BluRay 720p Language :750MB Movie Size :English Encoder Source :720p BluRay x264 DTS-MT Genre :Comedy, Romance Director :Harvey Lowry Actors :Chris Klein, Claire Coffee, David Blue, Kelsey Tucker, Thora Birch, Tiffany Fallon Country :United States of America

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