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The Strangers: Prey at Night

RGenre: Horror, Thriller
Quality: Year: Duration: 85 MinView: 325 views
289 votes, average 5.4 out of 10

In a secluded trailer park, the three masked killers — Dollface, Pin Up Girl, and the Man in the Mask — arrive and park their truck in front of a trailer. Dollface wakes one of the sleeping occupants by banging on the door. When the woman goes to investigate, Dollface kills her and goes to the bedroom to lie down in bed next to the woman’s sleeping husband.

Mike and Cindy, their son Luke and daughter Kinsey, take a family trip to their aunt and uncle’s trailer park to spend time together before Kinsey leaves for boarding school. Cindy calls ahead and leaves a voicemail, informing Uncle Marvin that they are running late. After arriving at the grounds later and collecting the keys to their trailer, they settle in and hear a knock at the door. Cindy answers the door to find an unmasked Dollface. She asks if Tamara is home but is turned away by Cindy. As the family sits down to play cards and implores Kinsey to join, Kinsey storms out and Cindy sends Luke after her to try and reach out. As Kinsey and Luke wander around the trailer park, they stumble upon a trailer with the door wide open. Inside, they find their aunt and uncle brutally murdered.

Back at the family trailer, Dollface arrives again to inquire about Tamara and is yet again turned away. Troubled by the encounter, Mike and Cindy decide to go find the kids, whom they find in hysterics. Mike sends Cindy and Kinsey back to the trailer and follows Luke to find the bodies. Cindy and Kinsey return to the trailer to find their cell phones destroyed and a masked Dollface waiting for them inside. Cindy helps Kinsey escape through a skylight, before being stabbed to death by Dollface.

Mike and Luke find the bodies and the voicemail that Cindy left them, realizing that the killers heard the message and were waiting for them to arrive. Returning to their trailer, Mike and Luke find Kinsey missing and Cindy dead. They drive their minivan around the grounds shouting for Kinsey, but one of the killers shatters the windshield with a thrown object, causing Mike to swerve and crash the minivan into a trailer. As they regain consciousness, Mike finds himself pinned into his seat and tells Luke to find his sister. As Luke leaves, the Man in the Mask kills him with an ice pick.

Meanwhile, Kinsey is attacked by Pin Up Girl and the Man in the Mask and evades them, only to be attacked and stabbed by Dollface before being rescued by Luke. As the siblings are stalked throughout the grounds, Luke hides Kinsey under a porch and goes to the general store to use the phone but is attacked by Pin Up Girl. As he runs out to the public pool, Pin Up Girl ambushes him, but Luke overpowers her and stabs her to death. The Man in the Mask attacks Luke and both tumble into the pool. After a struggle, Luke is stabbed in the back and left to die. After pulling Luke to safety, Kinsey sets off to find help. As she reaches the road, a sheriff arrives but is killed by Dollface. Kinsey uses a shotgun inside the sheriff’s SUV to shoot Dollface; she unmasks her, and as Dollface bleeds to death, Kinsey asks why she is attacking them, to which she replies, “Why not?”, before being finished off by Kinsey. The Man in the Mask arrives as Kinsey starts the SUV and wrecks it with his truck. Kinsey uses her lighter to ignite a gasoline leak and both vehicles explode.

The Man in the Mask survives and pursues her in his truck, engulfed in flames. As he corners her on the bridge to the trailer park, he moves to attack her but is badly burned and seemingly falls dead. Kinsey reaches the road and flags down a mother and her son in a pickup truck, but they attempt to flee when they see the Man in the Mask appear behind Kinsey. Kinsey climbs in the bed of the truck, along with the Man in the Mask, but is able to finally kill him with a heavy swing of a baseball bat to his head.

Some time later, Luke is recovering in a hospital bed as Kinsey awakens from a nightmare. As she gets up to fill a cup of water, she hears a familiar banging on the door.

Tagline: Let us prey
Cast: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Director: ,
Language: English
Budget: $ 12.500.000,00
Revenue: $ 18.752.052,00

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